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The Chinese valentine's day

  • Author:Cathy
  • Release on:2017-08-28
On the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, it is also known as the begging festival, which is closely related to the legend and legend of cowherd and cowherd.Legend has it that, long ago, there was a wise man in the west of nanyang city.And honest boy, parents early death, so we have to live with brother sister-in-law, sister-in-law markov is vicious, often abused him, made him do a lot of work, one fall, sister-in-law forced him to herd cows, nine cows for him, let him have ten cows to home, such as cowboy helpless had to drive the cattle out of the village, one day, vega in the sky and the fairy descent game together, take a bath in the river, I met vega cowherd with the help of celestial cattle, the two greatest cordiality, vega later secretly descent, came to the earth, made the cowboy's wife.The weaver girl also gave the silkworms from heaven to the people, and taught them to raise silkworms, draw silk, and weave bright and bright silks.
After the marriage of cowherd and weaver, the man ploughed the women, and was deeply in love. They gave birth to a boy and a girl, and the family lived happily.But it was not long before the emperor knew that the queen mother herself came down and forcibly took the weaver girl back to heaven, and the loving couple were separated.
Niu lang heaven has no way, or the old cow told the cowherd, after its death, can use its skin to make shoes, wear can the sky.Cowherd as words of the old cow, made of leather shoes on, with their own children, walking together in the air, chasing the fairies saw chases, unplug the head of the heavenly queen I'm gold zan, came a choppy tianhe, niulang and zhinv were separated in Taiwan, only relatively cry tears.Their loyalty to love touched magpies, ten million magpie, built a magpie bridge, let the gigolo knit meet on the magpie bridge, the heavenly queen also helpless, had to allow two people meet in every year on July 7th in the magpie bridge.

Later, every lunar July 7th day, according to legend, vega magpie bridge meeting day, the girls will come to easiness, looked up at the starry sky, looking for the Altair and vega on both sides of the galaxy, hoping to see their annual meeting, pray god can let oneself like vega, ingenuity, and pray that you had satisfied the ideal marriage, thus formed the Chinese valentine's day.